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Terra Firma offers both video and animated gif advertisements

Animated gif and video ads are dynamic because they offer movement to get increased engagement. While static ads can be overlooked, gifs and video get noticed! This allows for greater storytelling—to inform users of your products, services, or company culture.

Start telling your story today!

Keep reading to see examples of how video and animation can super-charge your advertising.

1. Animated Gif Ads

Options for 1/2 Page Ads

We can go on and on about how gif animations make effective ads, but let us illustrate with a couple of examples.

Two “slides” to every story

This example demonstrates how to rotate between two “slides,” thus doubling the amount of real estate you have to convey your message. The timing can be adjusted as necessary to allow enough time to read all of the text on each “slide”.

In this example, the timing between the slides is slower to accommodate the amount of text included.


Movement matters

Here is an example of an ad that has only one “slide” but incorporates animation to increase engagement. The slightest movement on the page can attract and retain the viewers’ attention. This is to say, animation draws more attention to your ad to increase its impact.

2. Video Ads

Options for Full Page Ads

Even the world’s largest retailer has weighed in on the benefits of using videos in marketing. One reason video ads are so effective is because they allow you to show your story not just tell it.

Don’t have a company video? Toggle now offers the opportunity to launch a video from a static ad. We also offer video editing services—if you’re looking to turn an existing company video (“about us”) from your website into a shorter, web-ready advertisement. Contact us for more information.


A Static Teaser

We can help design an image that teases users to learn more about your company.

And once they click, the video will pop up as an overlay on the screen:


Got Questions?

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Art Director, Shamus Alley is here to walk you through all of your options and make the whole process pain-free.
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Email Shamus for more information.


We were very pleased with the outcome of the article when Terra Firma featured our company in their online journal. Everyone at Terra Firma was very professional, and they projected our family's business exactly the way we intended it to be. We would highly recommend working with this fine company!
— Brian Winner, President, Robert Winner Sons Inc.
We are completely satisfied with the article published by Terra Firma. The process was smooth from start to finish and their representatives guided us through the entire process. I would recommend partnering with them to showcase your business.
— Lou Pfister, Operations Manager, Woodall Grain Company


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